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Telehealth Appointment

Evergreen Internists are at the forefront of ensuring patient safety and care from the comfort of your home inducing social distancing. To continue care, appointments are shifting online using a TeleCare platform that employs a webcam-based interaction. 

Our Promise

At Evergreen Internists, we are devoted to improving your overall health and wellness. Our primary goal is to help you attain a healthier and happier lifestyle by assisting you in preventing, diagnosing and treating all of your healthcare concerns. 


Some of our Services 

  • To promote healthy lifestyles and practices that increase or enrich the level of community wellness.

  • To put patients needs first, by assisting in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all healthcare concerns.

  • To maintain an atmosphere of compassion and trust among patients, families, and the healthcare team.

  • To provide state-of-the-art primary care to individuals and families living in Washington. 

  • Annual Wellness Exam

  • Acute illness treatment like cold, bladder infection, 

  • Diagnosis of condition like headache, fever, chest pain, skin moles, 

  • Management of Chronic condition like Diabetes, Heart disease, COPD, Asthma, Arthritis

Patient Testimonials

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Excellent Doctor, and excellent care!!! We first saw Dr Sahi on 9/11/2001 on an emergency basis. My husband was experiencing issues with his heart. He is the only Doctor who has ever taken the time to talk and explain things clearly to my husband. I personally experienced health issues while in Mexico and Dr Sahi called me back immediately.. We had to track him down after he left Sand Point Internists and it was well worth the effort. We highly recommend him. You are a person here, not a number and simply part of a quota!!!!

— M Starner

Our Providers

Gurinder Sahi
Heena Patel, PA-C
Ee Hoon (Lynda) Ong, ARNP



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