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Bill Pay & Online Payment

Our preferred method of accepting payment online is Zelle. Although you can pay with Credit Card. 


1) To make payment via Zelle, please use our ID -". Our account name is GURINDER P SAHI MD PS.

You can use QR code in Banking app to make the payment. Here is the QR code



2) For credit cards a 2.5% convenience fee is applied to the amount due. Please use this link to pay via credit card - Payment


Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my lab or radiology tests not covered?

Our providers order lab tests and X-ray based on your health history and medical needs. Using their best medical judgment, our providers order diagnostic tests to help diagnose and treat your medical condition. This is irrespective of coverage by your insurance company. Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is your obligation to check with your insurance about coverage on diagnostic tests. Our office can provide you with billing codes that were associated with the ordering of tests. These codes are required to check for eligibility with your insurance company. Our office is not liable for any charges that you may incur as a result of diagnostic testing ordered by our providers.


Why do I get a separate bill for diagnostics tests?

Lab and Imaging center are independent entities and their billing is separate from
Evergreen Internists. Please check with your insurance about coverage for these services. You will be billed by the lab for your blood, urine and stool tests etc. You will be billed by the imaging center for radiology tests like X ray, CT scan and MRIs etc.


How do I pay for my bill online?

You may call our phone number at 425-825-3900 or visit our online payment at


How can I be sure my insurance will pay my bills?
Some health plans require certain services to be authorized, or pre-certified, before the patient receives them. Other health plans require the patient to notify them within a certain period of time after services are rendered. Know your health plan’s requirements by reading the information given to you by your insurance provider or employer, or by calling your insurance provider directly. You also may call your insurance billing representative to discuss insurance payment concerns. 


How will I know how much I owe?
Your insurance provider will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) notice that details the amount it has paid, any non-covered or denied amounts, and the remaining balance that you are responsible for. Review your EOB carefully, compare it to your billing statement, and call your insurance provider billing representative right away if you have questions or concerns. Also, many health plans require patients to pay a co-payment or deductible amount that may be due at the time service.


What if there is a mistake in my statement?
If you have billing questions, call Evergreen Internists, From 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. You may also email questions to


What if I don’t have health insurance?
We accept patients with or without insurance. Please call us to find out about our self-pay pricing. Be assured that emergency service will never be delayed or withheld on the basis of a patient’s ability to pay.  

What if I cannot pay the amount I owe in full?
Call our biller at 425-825-3900 and inquire about applying for financial assistance or being set up on a payment plan. We will be happy to work with you to set up a mutually agreeable payment plan and to answer your questions. Partial payments made toward your balance will stop collection activity only if you have made payment arrangements with us. Please call us to make arrangements.


May I pay my bill with a credit card?
Yes. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, debit cards or Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We will charge your credit card only for the amount you authorize. Payment plans also may be arranged through paypal or online payments at


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