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5 Steps for successful completion of USCIS medical exam for I-693 forms:

Thank you for visiting Evergreen Internists’s site. We hope to provide you with some valuable information on the USCIS medical exam. When you apply for a green card (adjustment of status) in the United States, you will need to have a medical examination. The exam must be done by a doctor who is authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You must attend your medical examination appointment and all follow-up examinations, as required by USCIS.

Let us guide you through your USCIS medical exam process. Here are the 5 steps to complete your USCIS medical exam:

Step 1: Selecting the Civil Surgeon office

This one, although obvious is one of the important step. It is preferable to select an office that has experience in completing the medical exam and is abreast with recent rule changes.

Recently due to COVID pandemic, we have seen significant changes introduced to I-693 forms, by USCIS authorities in a short amount of time. This not only pertains to COVID vaccine but also to other lab testing for communicable disease. You would like to make sure that Civil Surgeon’s office is familiar with current guidelines.

One other area where experienced Civil Surgeon can be helpful is complex cases where applicant may have abnormal test and diagnostic imaging. This can happen in healthy individual as some of these tests show past exposure to infections that are common in oversea condition. Experienced Civil Surgeon should be able to help you navigate through these kinds of cases.

You would also like the Civil Surgeon office to have lab onsite and provide the necessary vaccination.

Step 2: Data Collection before the appointment:

USCIS medical exam requires a review of vaccination status and laboratory tests for screening of communicable diseases. If you have any past medical records, including vaccination records, take them with you to the initial appointment. Also if you have been treated in past for any communicable disease like Tuberculosis, Syphilis or Gonorrhea, take that record with you.

For those applicants who are now required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series (for example, 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna or 1 dose of Janssen COVID-19) and provide documentation of vaccination to the civil surgeon.

Step 3: Identification and documents:

The civil surgeon will ask you to verify your identity. Bring a valid government-issued form of photo identification to your appointment (for example, your unexpired passport or driver’s license).

If you are under 14 years of age, acceptable documents for proof of identity must show your name, date and place of birth, parents’ full names, and any other identifying information about you. Acceptable documents include birth certificates (with a translation, if necessary) or affidavits.

Step 4: Completing I-693 forms:

Civil surgeon must use the latest edition of I-693 forms that can be obtained from USCIS website.

Civil surgeon will fill out this worksheet and provide the results of each component of the medical examination relating to: communicable diseases of public health significance, physical or mental disorders with associated harmful behavior, drug abuse

or drug addiction, and vaccinations (including the COVID-19 vaccine series).

Your civil surgeon must also include the results of any lab work or other studies required to determine whether the applicant is inadmissible on health-related grounds.

Step 5: Final step before sealing the I-693 forms:

The civil surgeon must give you the completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope for you

to submit to USCIS. Do not accept the form from the civil surgeon unless it is in a sealed

envelope. USCIS will return your Form I-693 to you if it is not in a sealed envelope or if the envelope is opened or altered in any way. Submit your completed Form I-693 in the sealed envelope to USCIS.

To prevent errors in I-693 forms, our office checks the forms twice before applicants come back to the office. Applicants also get to review I-693 forms to confirm that all information is correct prior to sealing the forms.

Please leave a comment here if you have any questions or if you are ready to make an appointment then Click here or call us at 425-825-3900

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