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Are you ready to lose the pounds with the Medical Weight Loss Program?

If you have tried to lose weight on your own but are unsuccessful, maybe it is time to try medical weight loss. Evergreen Internists would like to offer you a whole new way to lose weight for good with our Medical Weight Loss program.

Schedule a FREE 15min biometric screening with one of our providers today. Biometric screening measures your BMI , blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

With our medical weight loss program, you will get a customized weight loss plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Our providers will review your health history, medication list, risk factors, and identify any barriers to weight loss. Different treatment options and weight loss medications (FDA approved) will be offered if necessary.

Our providers will work with you to develop a program that will help you lose weight and feel great! Our providers can help make your weight loss journey stress free and uncomplicated. Call us to schedule Blood Pressure Management Consultation at 425-825-3900

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